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At first, strange is it may seem, but generations of people in Asia, especially India, trust tea to cure their illnesses, and occasionally – very serious. Once upon a time, in 1191, one man, a Zen priest, written a book, which was entitled practically the same – “the Book of Tea”, and here we can delve into study of tea’ health profits to five human organs, and heart, among them, is the first place for us nowadays. It’s said that tea improves brain and urinary characteristics, can sooth indigestion and struggle with beriberi illness. So such stuff as green tea was hoped for being a wholesome medical agent, which means can combat various health difficulties.

But not a long ago tea has aroused again in scientific literature as an efficient component of medical treatment since new studies took place. The researches, involving human subjects, sound still unconvincing, basic results from labs seem to be very optimistic.

It’s been proved that high effectiveness of green tea could be achieved in struggle with usual threats as depression or high level of cholesterol. So, it’s highly interesting – whether green tea affect depression effectively or not. For the purpose of comprehending such influence, initially we should catch up some information about this disease.


Cancer as an illness of the Genes

The first sign of cancer is chaotic cells separation which means that such growth-setting function of genes appears to be broken. In other words, several genes’ mutations are required to transform from a normal cell to a cancer one.


(Scheme of cancer progression. Credit: University of Alberta)

Enzyme activities, which provoke a cancer, can be ceased by antioxidant, that’s why they’re of great importance for us. The main idea is this substance fixes DNA errors that have been evoked by free radicals or antioxidants.

Green teas as natural origin of antioxidants

A real find can be Green Tea named as it has nice valuable material which is called catechins, species of antioxidants. One of its profits, as a substance, is inhibition of growing cancer. Let’s get it closer: growth of tumor cells is efficiently hampered, oxidants activity is blocked and tumors’ occurrence is dropped – that’s what numerous tests show.

Tumors, which have been diagnosed in mice, were shriveled when portions of tea were applied to mice orally. Such effect was noticed when cancer had been found in the stomach, liver or on the skin.

Cancer Prophylactics and Green Tea

Unique properties were found by Hasan Mukhtar and Santosh Katiyar, authors from Journal of Cellular Biochemistry: tea can play a leading role in cancer prevention, which was a result of experiment’ series. That’s why tea suitability grows even wider. As a beverage, just remind a little and the authors state, it is the most consumed and most-spread through the world – it’s raised in more than 30 countries.

Nevertheless in fact nearly all studies are concentrated on therapeutic usage of green tea. In that case, mice consumed green tea in two forms: as extract in water and as refined form. In addition, green tea has a slight effect on processes of birth in the womb.

Variation of usage

So to say, it soon became obvious that medicine effect may be enlarged on other types of cancer. Virtually help of green tea may be useful in prophylactic case of such cancers as colon, breast, liver, pancreas, esophagus, lungs, and stomach.

The most intriguing fact here that such efficient therapeutic influence is still unclear. Consequently nowadays a number of theories exists that should go through verification.

What happens if you do often drink tea?

Unfortunately, most of data that we know about teas’ effect is derived from animal research. Firstly, we are sure that tea lovers are less prone to developing of any type of cancer. But many other experiments display contradictories. So it may be, that cancer’ appearance may be affected by a number of diverse conditions, such as diet, presence of carcinogens in rooms or apartments, etc.

Nevertheless we have some studies, led in China, and its results are highly optimistic. One of them was done on 18,000 men and this particular study showed less number of stomach cancer’ appearance whether the patients consumed tea regularly. But at the same time, the similar research in the Netherlands, on the opposite, displayed total absence of any coherence between cancer prevention and drinking tea.

The Constant Medical Contradiction

Wonder, but great battles are still taking place among mates of academies and governments about the health profits of green tea. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration affirms that there’s no way of reducing the risk of prostate, breast or others types of cancer by reappearance’ by means of green tea. In addition, cardiovascular disease is also can’t be prevented by any wholesome characteristics – that’s what FDA states.

And again, Journal of the American Medical Association’ publication directly contradict these thesis. The resume of this one is that consumption of at least three cups per day definitely lower the probability of heart disease’ death.


(American Medical Association, a contemporary logo)

Possibilities of Further Investigation

Well, there’s really a great enterprise around additional studies of green tea as a wholesome product. Such organizations, as the National Cancer Institute, are considered to be highly involved in further investigations, which is concentrated on green tea ability’ to avert cancer of skin. Both green tea creams, which are applied to skin, and pills of green tea go though examinations. 

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