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Whether you go to purchase a portion of green tea, even it’s a confident for you mall, the most possible variant is that you will locate just one kind of tea – that which goes as “green tea” as the label says. The organic material inside these packages is of the worst grade that’s why it’s better to escape such purchases. There’re two general methods to enjoy a nice tea cup – purchase tea in Chinese shops or which have specialty in Chinese food and dishes or surf the Internet for best available variants to order, but you will surely be somehow astonished by breath-taking amount of even Vietnamese teas, all the more talking about all variety of green tea – it’s really enormous.

So, what’s about the whole diversity of green teas there? Firstly, let us look at the most wide-spread variant, which you’ll particularly find in many supermarkets – Gunpowder, a low-grade green tea. Its usage is so prevalent because of its cheapness and ability to be safely stored for a longer time than other green teas, generally for the way it formed into little balls.

(Gunpowder Mint Green Tea)

At the same time, the most essential king of tea for Chinese is Dragon Well, or so-called “Lung Ching”, it’s a bright tea and costly enough sort of green tea. It’s said to be the best one among others for its, again, expensiveness and rarity, so it’s a beloved object for becoming a forgery, so be attentive while purchasing this particular type of green tea - just make that’s real.


(Dragon Well)

Japanese drinkers are keen on Sencha, a real delight among green tea for its sweetness. It’s quite balanced sort for its cheaper enough than Dragon Well and, consequently, the stuff which you can afford in your everyday being but surely not worst than previous one. The next issue is that it’s more available that the rest of the rare various green teas seem to be. You can also discover a little cheaper version of Sencha which is called Bancha.


(Japan Sencha Green Tea)

The prominent in mentioned-above sweetness is Macha, the sweetest one, and its essential guest on Japanese tea ceremonies. It’s expensive, but surely worth it’s price – it tastes like a luxury delight then tea at all – and in Japan it’s a popular imitated spice for ice cream and sweets. It’s an emperor of the green teas – so whether you have a chance to try Macha – do it immediately.


(Matcha Tea)

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