3 HOW TO's of brewing the Sense Asia tea gift!

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3 HOW TO's of brewing the Sense Asia tea gift!

Brewing the perfect cup of tea takes certain knowledge and proper care to get it just right. We've borrowed some tips from Max – our production director, who knows almost everything about Vietnamese tea culture. So here are three main components of steeping:

How hot the water should be?

First of all, use the best filtered water (spring water at best) and don't boil it up in most cases. Never boil the same water several times.The ideal temperature for steeping tea is about 71 – 82oC for green tea and 95 – 99oC for black tea, but this can be varied depending on type of tea you are drinking (there are red, yellow, white and so on). The proper temperature of brewing will bring out the most flavour in tea leaves.

How much of the Sense Asia tea to use?

In general, you have to use 3-5 grams of tea (about 1 -1.5 teaspoon) per cup. Find your favorite teaware: a small clay teapot, Japanese handmade teapot, Chinese gaiwan, some special factory made tea flask. Here comes the time for your own ritual.If you're brewing black tea, drink it strong, sheer and then you can feel the full-bodied taste. Don't rush, enjoy your tea sip by sip.

How long to steep?

Wrong making - wrong tea. Steeping time will depend on the type, but the general rule is not to over-brew, otherwise the tea is getting bitter and you're going to be disappointed. 1-2 minutes should be enough for green tea, 5 minutes for black tea.

If you are used to drink black or flavored tea only, please, refuse it for a while. After a few cups of traditional Vietnamese green tea you will feel how really deep its taste is and begin to perceive more and more delicate notes.

And the most important thing - don't listen to anyone, drink your tea in the way you like - with sugar, with milk, with lemon - just try!

Tell, how do you like to steep your tea? Let us know in the comments below.

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