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It’s not a secret that in China people are somehow punctilious in tea wares. Suppose, cups and pots have a general part, it’s not just a usual tea-meeting. That’s why we’re sure - Chinese tea-drinking can’t exist without tea wares. They say, it’s a heart of the whole tea ceremony.


And a tea cup there is more than a bud, it’s a special item of a normal Chinese tea set. So, there’re many diverse forms and designs of cups nowadays. They are quite specified due to its application. Throughout this article we’ll sight three the most popular and sold Chinese tea cups. Please mark – you can purchase these items in the market and in the web, especially at

Taking up these varieties of the cups, we may pick out: Filtering Tea Cups

These one, as you can guess by its title, are utilized by tea lovers chiefly to filtrate the tea. An inner filter is usually a main difference from the other types of cups. As examples – several names of them:

- Yixing Clay Filtering Mug… In a trifle more than hundred miles northwest of Shanghai Jiangsu province is situated. It’s well-known since here the best jars for tea are made. These cups have a long history of legendary peculiarity to absorb flavors and aroma of the tea, generally they are manufactured from purple clay. This sort is also known for the faculty of suspending heat form diffusion and high-temperature endurance. Consequently, even if your tea is extremely hot – the handle will stay cold. And an interior filter is basically a way of making a cup more wholesome.

- Poet Filtering Tea Cup – just a mug of porcelain. Having an inside filter and its own cap, it’s designed for reveling in the taste of broad tea leaves. The space inside the cup is enough for tea leaves broadening and gives an opportunity for full brew. The name of the cup is given by a depicted character on it – a poet in the days of Tang dynasty, admiring outside nature.

So now consider the Iron cups:

- Black Cast Iron Tea Cup – they say that this one may be regarded as flawless for tea-drinking. Inner side enamel forestall rusting, the general cups’ material is robust iron and can be used as a classical teapot or a companion for any cast iron teapot. Nowadays these cups are produced with diverse colors.

And finally, turn to specific tea cups:

- One kind has a pretty attractive design of a flower, its name is Small Peony Flower Gaiwan. Its fame flourished for the whole Chine Dynasty, but the cup itself had arisen during Ming Dynasty. The cup is quite big to be adapted to brewing and at the same time certainly compact enough to convenient drinking.

- The last one is Four Season Character Tea Cup with a really breathtaking appearance: as the name says, four seasons calligraphy graphics is applied throughout all sides.

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