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They say that an apple pie is a symbolic food of the American. But you may see – here’s another fare that is colorful as tricolor of the USA in its sense.

Americans adore iced tea throughout the country, and it’s quite reasonable – iced tea as a phenomenon is a novelty of America, despite the fact of Asian origination.


Firstly Iced tea was presented at St. Loius’s Exposition in 1904: while many visitors were suffering from heat wave, Richard Blechynden, a tea trader, laid the tables with tea over ice. A considerable amount of ice tea brewing methods were developed, several among then grew an actual innovation.

The most wide-spread in usage are black teas from Ceylon, China and Java, though you, of course, may utilize Vietnamese tea in process of ice tea-making. Advisable also can by such sorts as peach black tea, lemon green tea, Japanese sencha and Formosa oolong.

Though a sweet one may be found tastier, many people prefer a chilly sugar-free ice tea. Normally bartender’s sugar or first-rate batch sugar is in use to sweeten ice teas. There’re also several ways of adding sugar – for instance, manufacturing handmade sugar syrup with the help of a stove, with ratio 1:1 (sugar:water) and warming, but not bringing to boil, this blend several minutes. Prepared syrup can be saved in the fridge for two-week period.

Hot & cold steeping - this is how the refreshing drink can be made. Arid tea leaves are put in a clean vessel with a proper volume of water – it’s the way of making a cold steeping. Digestion (not in your stomach, be careful) should take place in a fridge and prolong at any rate for six hours. Afterwards strained into another vessel, and additions, like lemon or sugar, could be taken in advance before serving.


We may describe three manners of hot steeping method:

1st method

At first, double the amount of dried tea, which you usually utilize for hot one. Secondly extract them in hot water nearly five minutes. And finally, pour a glass of ice on it. It’d be better whether your tea be somehow cooled down before pouring for escaping creaming-down or some degree of clouding.

2nd method

Amount of tealeaf should be redoubled, wet them in hot water for approximately 5 minutes then this infusion must be added to the equal volume of cold water. This should temper strong tea and avert clouding.

3rd method

Soak black tea approximately five or eight minutes in seething water. Strain this brew into a vessel with cold water and supplement tea with lemon or sugar to your liking. It’ll be weaken while you add some ice, whether a concentrate that you brewed is coming out too intense. You can also add a likeable amount of to achieve a perfect ice tea, of course if it still strong for you.

Notice, people like to make mixes with alike capacity of diverse fruit juices or just lemonade. Mind that juices don’t subdue the taste of the tea. Flavoured, with or without sugar, ice tea is a long-standing tradition of America. Boiled up and refreshing, it would be nicely served with a piece of an apple pie – and it tastes pretty American. 

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