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The long story of tea kettles started when… Once upon a time, the tea was partially excavated in the territories of Mainland China.

At the very beginning their usage was limited to just boiling water, though it’s very elegant even then. However the present time give these kitchen wares some additional functions like infiltrating of leaves.


("Yixing ware with a "Man Sheng" mark, circa 1900" by Gerbil - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

These things have a prolonged way of transformation from traditional kettle to contemporary stainless kettles of steel. Some still preserve single purpose – boiling of water, as we have already noticed, others are destined for being on the carpet, or, in other words, talking point, because of their design and style.

We may subdivide all of them into such types: stove tea kettle, electric tea kettle, ceramic tea kettle, contemporary tea kettle, whistling tea kettle and cast iron tea kettle.


“Teakettle Reflection” 

Anyway, be attentive to your kettle – be sure that a soap for dish is washy in safe proportion, all the more if mighty cleansing substance is in use.

It’s a piece of cake, to keep your kettle healthy and clean. Notice that in most cases water and a mild soap are really enough. Another case – is a cast iron kettle for tea. Here, if you’d like to eliminate inward rust, we are to handle a piece of cotton cloth, then soak it. Afterwards put a spoonful of salt into the bottom of the kettle, mixing it with a little olive oil portion. Polish the bottom carefully with the compound to remove the rust.


(“Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle” by Steven Depolo from Grand Rapids, MI, USA - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

There’s one misunderstanding of real facts about kettles among tea lovers – they say that it’s strictly prohibited to apply soap for dish to cast iron tea kettles. The matter is quite opposite: there’s no best for them then a classic – nice dish soap, especially if you’re in need of removing rust inside the kettle. And again – using of fierce agent implies proper dilution.

And of course, you can surely vouch for the grace and gratification of any kettle, even if you approach towards the deal of choosing the right one, depending on your purposes of having it and preferences in a type, is very arbitrary. So right now, it’s high time to slow down, relax, brew your favorite Vietnamese tea and enjoy its vital taste that gives healthiness and serenity of every mind.

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