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At first… Just imagine that tea is the most wide-spread drink after water. Of course, we should consider that it’s fame in Asia is the most valuable contribution for this fact, but many people enjoy tea throughout the planet.Close second of tea production is India, and – of course – the first place here is still devoted to Asia: they have a long-time love story since tea was, naturally, discovered in the Eastern world. 

For what is so much attention to the tea as a product? Well, studies say that taking just a cup of tea during each meal is nice for your metastasis. We shouldn’t forget also, that tea is exclusively a natural thing. 

Jumping to the theme, they say that teas’ caffeine increase the elimination of calories by more powerful regulation of an organism. Another component of driven elements of tea is polyphenols, which stimulates fat digestion that’s why Vietnamese weight loss teas, as well as Chinese, are the prominent stuff for losing weight. 

In fact, all variety of Chinese tea, with a few exceptions, is wholesome for weight loss. Commercial beverages nowadays can be pressed by Chinese teas, hence all of them have a low caffeine alternative among teas. Though, Oolong and Pu-erh enjoy the most of attention among tea lovers, and one of the reason is efficiency in weight loss.


(When atherosclerosis blocks arteries that supply blood to the brain, it can cause a stroke. High levels of HDL cholesterol actually protect against heart attacks and strokes by removing cholesterol from the arteries and bringing it back to the liver.)

Cholesterol levels are also can be maintained in a proper state by Chinese teas, they prominently lower it. One research, which has been led not a long ago, has a basic target to learn – how epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), Chinese tea’ antioxidants, can affect nutrition, which consists of considerable amount of such harmful elements as Hypercholesterolemia, and the patients there were rats. In other words, Hypercholesterolemia is hazardous cholesterol in blood or a substantial LDL’ level. 

Surely, such characteristic is not an illness, but can provoke serious heart disorders, for instance, hardening of the arteries orAtherosclerosis. And finally, just several ago medical researchers fix their glance on Chinese tea trend. So there’re lots of studies these days for the purpose of determining the Chinese tea’ efficiency to avert various conditions and diseases. So, let’s get down to types of teas themselves: Green tea, Rea tea, White tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, Pu-erh tea, Flower tea, Yellow tea, Pressed tea, Iron Buddha, Kudding tea.


(The Iron Buddha Tea is a variety of Chinese oolong tea originated from Fujian province. Tieguanyin produced in different areas of Anxi have different gastronomic characteristics.)

As the basic weight loss product we may mark out Bojenmi Chinese tea. However, be attentive – in this capacity of a product for weight loss it’s used just for last twenty years. As a Chinese word “bojenmi” it has such meaning as “slim and beautiful”. The bojenmi Chinese tea is supplied in forms of handy bags and a loose tea. Its formulation consists of several herb extracts, though the basic ingredient is still Fujian Province’ tealeaf.


(Standard package of Bojenmi Chinese tea)

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