How to Make a Vietnamese Tea

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Did you come to our blog by pure accident, looked around and get started to leave?

Watch it! You're making a mistake!

Where else can you learn so many interesting details about life of a real tea drunkards as it is? 

This time we decided to open the secrets of proper brewing tea directly from Vietnamese.

The most important secret of tasty drink — don't be greedy, don't grudge brew! Take boiled water at a temperature of 70 degrees, fill your kettle about a quarter of the volume with intervals of 2 minutes.
When you make a tea in a kettle (especially the green one), first the water must be drained, the next 4-5 waters you can drink. Never leave brewed tea for a too long time.The maximum brewing time of tea — no more than 7 minutes.
Try not to use for drinking mugsandcups with thick walls (for example, powerful office mugs).
It may sound unbelievable, but even walls of cookware can make worse the taste of the tea. 

Tea with cookies, tea with candies,tea with... - how do you like more?

Anyway, we think the Sense Asia tea with the Sense Asia tea — is the safest combination!

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