Oolong Tea: A Beginner’s Guide

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People are shifting towards healthy lifestyle and are becoming more diet conscious as well. Organic and healthy food became more popular in last ten years. In this quest of healthy lifestyle, most of the people replaced their normal routine tea and coffee with green tea. Now it is considered as the healthiest tea that can be taken to improve digestive health as well. It is easily available at food stores and cafes due to the increasing demand. Green tea has numerous benefits. It is considered as the healthiest antioxidants for our body. It helps to treat obesity as well. Beside these countless health related benefits green tea can also be used for many other purposes to take full benefits of it. Green tea can be used in beauty products like shampoo, face and body creams and other household items like candles.

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Oolong tea is also a name given to green tea that is manufactured from the twin plant named as Camellia Sinesis. Oolong tea differs from green tea in just one way. Green tea is a fermented extraction of tea from Camellia Sinesis whereas oolong tea is semi fermented extraction or brew. Fermentation is basically done by the labor and it is important to get different types of green tea from a same plant. In this process it is oxidized to a certain height and then brewed for the finest production of green tea.

The aroma is enhanced by implementation of further processes and techniques on the tea that has been fermented. It not only increases the aroma but also the flavor. Once all the processes are over, oolong tea is then graded according to the quality, taste and flavor. China is well known for the oolong tea. But Vietnamese oolong tea is famous for its rich flavor and aroma and some connoisseurs like it over chinese tea.

Green tea can give you countless health benefits; it controls the blood pressure and lowers the cholesterol level as well. Same health benefits can be obtained from oolong tea as well. It maintains its healthy properties even after fermentation process. It also helps in flushing out toxins from the body due its antioxidant properties. It also improves digestive health. Best oolong tea can be ordered from the quality suppliers. You can also buy oolong tea online from farmers here, in our store.  

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