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WE LOVE TEA! Guess, you are someone who loves tea as well. There are millions of us around the world in this affection. Whatever and whenever we do, a perfect cup of tea in and of itself is something that brings energy, fresh ideas and a real sense of Asia. But still we have decided to expand your tea-drinking experience.

Here are 4 ways of enjoying your cuppa:



Go to a peaceful place, stay alone with your thoughts, hide from all, just watch people in a bustling spot during a work break. Choose a traditional green tea with sparkling honey notes. Now add the sun or some wind and make the taste of your tea even better.

With friends


Call your whole gang of friends and create a special event with a full-fledged Vietnamese tea party! Take teas with organic ingredients: cinnamon, coconut, spices, lemongrass or ginger. They are a particularly good choice for any crazy drink you can think up.

Summer day


This one is especially good on a hot day. You know, the South Vietnamese drink iced tea. Most often it is Pandan, Pure Green or Jasmine. This iced tea is called Tra Da (literally "iced tea"), you can get it in every coffee shop for free. Make a tea from our collection, pour over crushed ice and have your own Tra Da!

Trying something different and surprising


Enjoy discovering by looking into new types of tea and trying some you haven't had before. The special place of Vietnam is Ha Giang Province. Here comes the tea grown on century-old trees , a must-drink if you want to discover the North of our country. Another “face” of Vietnam is a real Lotus tea.You can't buy it in some regular stores. True Lotus tea blended with flowers is quite expensive, prices start at $ 250 per kilogram. Well, anyway you can try the range of black to white the Sense Asia teas - pure, herbal or exotic - and see what you like best.

What's your favourite one? Please, let us know in the comments!

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