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If we could name a tea industry as a real person it surely would be a brick – in 2003 tea market has a value of US$5 billion and it’s a 500% raise just in a period of ten years. Market is really enormous and loose teas, tea bags, gourmet teas and tea shops – just a few examples of it. Not long time ago, natural and herbal medicines grew highly popular among consumers of the western world, that’s why Organic Herbal Tea Blend’s had a rapid growth recently and it’s provoked elimination of any previous confinements. Nevertheless general sales were based on values of teas, which were grown by Camelia Sinensis plant - ordinarily Oolong, Black and Green teas.

There’s another considerable sphere’s been developed somehow separately from that cardinal bigness. It’s a union between free internet commerce and multitude of herbal tea blends. This industry was seeking for a perfect realization and time has come – lots of mixtures are manufactured and developed, freshly-designed tea bags are in use and novel companies take a chance.


Cost is of more value than quality – unfortunately, for this principle rules, many markets and teas’ on is not an exception: normally it’s still enough to manufacture machine-tools tea bags. The dust tea is packaged with metal staple and itself it’s not much to boast of high health profit and taste, which has much bitterness than whole-leafed loose tea equivalents. The matter is the tea dust is the only half-stock that could be filtered by well-spread automatic machinery and consequently, usual size of herbal teas medley isn’t appropriate for such standard bags.

Comparatively recent pyramid-shaped tea bag is the second in popularity among tea bags. There’s enough space for the loose tea circulating within a package. It also provides loftier quality, but on the other hand, such characteristics make this kind of package inconvenient in bulk packaging. Normally a general mass of bags is inflated with oolong and green teas, omitting herbal organic teas and considerable part of the Vietnamese teas’ stock.

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Nevertheless the market of organic herbal teas is growing so all domestic companies stand in need for a suitable tea-bag package and resolving their necessities. And as demand creates supply, the market nowadays can offer handmade tea bags, which fit the singularity of every herbal tea blend. Probably we may say that when trend of organic products’ and it’s healthy advantages occupy more or less confident positions, and as this tendency is correlating with growing number of companies, people will be more conscious to pay a little more but for considerably high-level qualified tea bags. That’s why, you may notice these facts to navigate in a huge tea industry – organic Vietnamese herbal tea blends may become a key here!

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