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It’s quite obvious, especially for today that we consume black, white, green or maybe even herbal tea as much as water. Nowadays teas variety employs a number of approximately thousand diverse sort and types form thirty states throughout the world. So teas can indulge any taste and become a real fancy – they possess numerous tinges of flavors. It’s quite possible even to spend the whole life discovering for yourself brand new tea tastes, odors and colors of the whole world-wide tea spectrum.

As we have already noticed, black and green teas both produced from Camellia sinensis plant, and the basic diversity between them lies in how they’re manufactured after collecting. The green one goes though just proper drying, while at the same time black tea is oxidized in addition. This procedure gives such advances as ability of storing for decades and acquiring of a specific strong flavor that indicate a high level of caffeine. Undoubtedly the most wide-used sort of tea is this, the black tea, which is present in your daily cup of tea.


(Camellia Sinensis Tree)

Most likely that whole variety of tea is entitled by the name of territory: area or province – where they come from. The reason mostly is that everything, which is connected with a region – climate, landscape, soil – affects tea taste and imparts unique characteristics to tea. And, please, remember one more mentioned fact: China is a native place of tea market as its popularity consumes and develops tea as a crop for several thousand years – right when Egyptians started to built pyramids. A great amount of assortment still comes from China, but anyway you may purchase and enjoy much tea’ ranges from India, Turkey, Nepal, Africa and Vietnam, of course. Let’s speak a little about the most noticeable:


Lapsang Souchong is the most famous among Chinese teas. It has delicate smoky, fragrant flavor, which is gained from pinewood fires. They’re used to wither Lapsang Souchong leaves. From the south west of China Yunnan is coming and has its own prominent fame. It forms nice blend with milk and itself possesses wealthy and malt taste. Another one, Keemun tea, while infusing, develops in beverage of intensive brown color harmonizing with a nutty choice flavor, and its produced with a high degree of attention; in addition, breakage is inadmissible in this processing for not to cease tealeaf’ flavor.


(Lapsang Souchong and its brew by Liz Clayton)


The greatest of well-known Indian teas is Assam, with solid taste and malt tinge. It used to be consumed when people are in need of refresher after a long sleep. Himalayas foothills can swagger about so-called “champagne” among teas – soft and exquisite in taste Darjeeling. Ceylon tea can be considered as quite popular among tea lovers, it takes origin in Sri Lanka, where climate’s traits provide tealeaf arising for the whole year. Strong, clean and blazing taste – this is what for Ceylon tea is famous.


(Darjeeling brew and leaves)


The third part of whole world tea export is a deal of African countries like Malawi, Kenya, Zimbabwe. Teas of Kenya has intensive color and brightness. In addition it’s endowed with really pleasing taste. These kinds of products has grown quite appropriate for local climate’s properties since first tea was brought to light here just somewhere near 1900. It’s also desert of various know-how and surely many African tea products present in various world-wide blends today.


(Keemun Tea)

So be sure to supply yourself with beneficial and even intriguing tea products from the whole world. It’s would be nice for you to rescue unique and rare sorts of tea from shops’ shelves. And then one day find your very special tea!!

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