Tea Surprises and Discoveries in Vietnam

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To come to Vietnam and not to try a real brewed Vietnamese tea is like not to see the sun in the summer.

Please note, Vietnamese prefer not black, but green tea and drink it in thimblefuls.

They make both dry and fresh tea - plucked right from a tea plant (sprouts with two or three leaves).

So there is a little kettle on the table (perhaps the size of your favorite cup will seem in 2 times more than the kettle) and very tiny 50-gramm cups.

At this point you think: "yeah.. too little tea, and need to pour many times..."

New surprises right there.

Be prepared for the fact that traditionally cooked Vietnamese tea is very rough and strong.

One short, dashing movement of your hand with the cup towards the mouth - and a saturated liquid powerfully grabs your throat already in the region of tonsils.

You should stop, but you decide to "win" the kettle and to go to the end!

Summary of that "confrontation": the kettle is empty and your body in the next few hours will be cleaned even more than in full.

Follow the example of your Vietnamese friends, bring healing tea gifts home and...

What is the most important?

Take care of your evening cup of tea while you're having the afternoon one!

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