Types of Tea: How they are created?

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The process related to make these four famous types of tea will be elaborated further in this article. You will be going to learn about the creation of each flavor and different ways to taste them.

Tea is considered to be common favorite drink that people usually enjoy after their meal. There are some people who drink tea but they don’t know that in fact there are just a few types of tea which are available in markets.

Each type will have a different taste because it has a distinctive mixture of various ingredients. There are some benefits and side effects of each type of tea which will be presented later in the article.

It should be simple to remember the most popular tea types. They are: Green tea, Black tea & Oolong tea.

These three types of tea are basically made from Camellia Sinensis. Its leaves are used and it was commonly called as tea plant.

For other types of tea as ginger, chamomile, rooibos tea are made from herbal ingredients and it is not appropriate to call them tea because they have no involvement of tea plant.

The distinction of these three types is the way they are made. And also they have their own specific flavors and some advantages associated with health.

1. Green Tea

Rosebud teaGreen tea from Tan Cuong ProvinceGinger tea

This is one of the most famous types of tea. China, Japan and Korea have reached the highest consumption for this. People surely believe that there are a lot of health benefits associated with this type of tea. Similarly, many researches show that it can help to deal with the level of cholesterol, cures cancer, assist body metabolism and also treat other health issues.

It is a dried form of tea with no process of fermentation. No milk or sugar is added into green tea but there are some varieties of this tea may taste bitter. For brewing, green tea should be made at a temperature lower than boiling.

2. Black Tea

Vanilla coconut teaSouth mint teaSummer peach tea

It has rich flavor and served as hot. It is very famous in Western countries. Some people like to add lemon for more flavor while others add milk or sugar. Camellia Sinensis leaves is the basic ingredient of black tea.

In contrast with green tea, black tea is fully fermented before drying. The caffeine level in black tea is not more than in coffee but it is the richest caffeine tea in compared with other types of tea. Raw black tea contains no nutrients like carbohydrates, fats or calories.

3. Oolong Tea

Ginseng OolongKindly Dream OolongNutmeg Oolong

It is one of the most popular teas being used in China. It’s usually served after Chinese dishes in Chinese and American restaurants. Oolong tea is in dark color and that is the reason of its association with black dragon. Moreover, Oolong itself has another synonym of black dragon.

The Camellia Sinensis’ leaves are dried before being fermented. The different flavors of this tea are created from different temperatures of fermentation. Oolong tea taste level can be rated in the middle of black tea and green tea.

So, these are the most popular tea types in the world? Which one do you prefer?

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